Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

My Mother

I came to earth and was guided by a wonderful woman. She is my mother. She left her home and made a new life for herself in a different country. She can speak 3 different languages. She nurtured me and loved me and watched me grow. She has great faith, and her love of God is very great. She taught me to have faith in God. The strength of prayer and fasting. If you were to look at her, you would not know how mighty she really is. I am grateful for her strength. I hope I can become strong like her.

One day I met a very sweet man. He is loving and kind and funny. And then I met his mother. Her two arms wrapped around me, and held me close. She has great love. She is kind and funny. She became my mother. She came to me to help me when I had my babies. She wrapped her two arms around my girls and loved them. She is always there to hear my sadness, and gives me guidance and love. She too is strong and powerful. She too has great faith in God. She overcame ovarian cancer. I know she is here to help me become better, and to give me great love. I have two mothers. One who gave birth to me. Raised me, and loved me. The other is my mother through marriage. She too raises me and loves me. After all families are for eternity.

I am so blessed to have two mothers who love me so much.

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