Friday, May 22, 2009

Much Happening

Here is a list of things going on.

- Selling our house.
We are in the process of selling our home in the much loved Seattle area. We love Washington state, and will probably love it forever. We don't love our house, and now we are going to sell it.

- Going to Crete.
We are going to spend 10 days in Crete. We are so excited. We are renting a house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a private pool.

- Bringing our lovely Tween home.
My wonderful hubby is off to bring our lovely tween daughter from her mom's house. With this there is always a bit of stress. 1- I need to get the room she will be in comfortable. 2- We need to make sure sure there are some good activities lined up for her. 3- Getting use to having a tween around. (That can be challenging in on its own).

- My sweet little baby is growing up.
My little 7 month soon to be 8 months is crawling like crazy. She has two teeth, and now she is starting to pull herself up. I am very busy running around.

- My little princess is acting more like a little devil.
I love my sweet 3 year old but she has been a big handful. With in 24 hours. She has whinned in the car all the way to the airport, gotten a pearle bead stuck on her bottom baby tooth, wrote in pen all over my friends alphabet floor puzzle, peed on the bathroom floor with her clothes on at my friends house, ate a crayon, played with my jewelery, sprayed hairspray everywhere, ate a whole container of gum, went into the baby's room and woke her up, hit me, and threw a big tantrum. I think that is all. At this point I think I am suppressing anything extra that has happened.

Life is busy!

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