Friday, November 20, 2009

Denmark Like and Dislike list

I have decided to ask a few of my friends who have moved from Denmark to give me a list of things they like and a list of things they dislike about Denmark. I decided to add dislikes so that you can get an idea of some of the strange things that go on here. Like small refrigerators, and having to shop 3 times a week. Also, all the stores close at 5:30 on Saturday. Or going to the store with a list of 5 things only to find 3. Lately, I have found myself staring at the shelf for something like brown rice, or a can of artichokes, or vanilla ice cream I keep staring I guess hoping those things will magically appear. I am spending like 5 minutes looking. Anyways, I am telling you this because you would never know unless I tell you, or someone shares with you their dislikes of Denmark.

I will keep the names of the people I have asked anonymous. Just know that everyone I have asked have kids, and have lived her for over 1 year.

Here is my 1st Guest.

As for your question....Five things I hated about it and five I liked? Well, I guess here goes.
1. The people were very rude and closed off, insincere, arrogant,
2. The Ward
3 The weather
4 Having to go shopping so many times a week (I hate grocery shopping) It took too long.
5 The schooling they got at the international school, Doctors

1 the architecture
2 the long lunches with friends and the friends that I made over there.
3 the travel
4 the horse back riding
5 the streets of Copenhagen

If I had to do over again. I would wait till my kids were grown and then just go with Scott I might have had a different view of it then. To visit Copenhagen I like it but to live there I don't think I would recommend it.

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