Friday, December 18, 2009

Danish Medical System

I have been here for almost 3 years, and I have to say that I am not impressed with the Danish Medical System. Here are some examples:

1- my 4 year old daughter use to through up once a month for over 1 year. I would tell our regular doctor, and she said it is normal "daycare sickness". Then when she was spitting up blood, and after hours doctor never came by and said well if she is still bad after the weekend go to your regular doctor. Needless to say she never had any tests done. She is better now, but we will never know what caused it.

2 - when I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter the midwifes were on strike. That didn't mean I should see my regular doctor more, it just meant that I had less prenatal care. Thank goodness I do not have any complications with diabetes and high blood pressure.

3- my hubby had a pretty hard bike reck. He crashed into a light pole really hard. He came home and almost passed out. I was able to get him into the emergency room. They did not take one x-ray, and sent him home with nothing. After 5 days his doctor suggested that he get an ulra sound treatment from a physical therapist. That was it. To this day you can feel a huge divitt in his leg.

My 4th story is what happened to a little boy. Here is the reference from another blogger. I refer you to her post on the subject so you can also read about her experience, and she has references to the article as well.

Here is the story. A 14 month old boy had swallowed a small battery. The doctors never took an x-ray, and they thought the parents were not sure. The parents tried 11 times in 2 weeks to have someone help them. No one did. Needless to say the boy had died, and when the autopsy proved that the battery was the cause of death. The parents are Danish, so it goes to show that I am getting the typical Danish medical care, and that I am not treated worse as a foreigner.

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  1. Crazy stories! And people here in the states think government health care is a good thing! Oh misguided fellers!

    Thanks for all the posts on my blog!