Thursday, December 3, 2009

Denmark Like and Dislike list

Here is a new list from another friend of mine.

could you keep my name anonymous?
5 things I like:
-how social and nice everyone is...hyggeligt dinners, good conversation
-how green everything is in summer and spring--there are so many trees, even as you drive along highways
-in general, they are more healthy--there is less fast food, everyone gets outdoors a lot, they are more environmentally friendly
-house decor
-how everyone gets into Christmas so much

5 things I didn't like
(These were hard to think of for me!)

being away from all our family
not speaking the language--my fault! (I appreciated that they all spoke perfect English!)
I missed my garbage disposal
pickled herring
I missed not being able to run to the grocery store after 8 pm!


  1. I've heard about the pickled herring and it sounds absolutely awful! Other than that, it sounds like a wonderful place to live!

  2. Hi Jen. Overall, there are some really nice things about Denmark. Thanks for your comment.