Monday, February 1, 2010

Sick Kids

Actually just my 4 year old. A couple of weeks ago I gave you some insight about the Danish Medical System. Well, my 4 year old started to have a cough around Thanksgiving. But we just waited it out. Sometimes it goes away. Then it did get a little better. But by the middle of December it was pretty bad again. Our doctor's office is closed around a couple of days before Christmas, and did not open until the 4th of January. On January 4th I took her to the doctor's office. I did tell her that she had a cough for around 4 weeks. Well the doctor thought she was fine because she was not running a high temperature. On the 11th I returned with my husband. We wanted to get a referral to a specialist. She has had chest problems in the past. (when she was 2 years old she had RSV) But the doctor really wanted to give her antibiotics for 5 days before doing so. Well my hubby and her got into a fight. She finally gave us a referral to the hospital. On the referral she wrote down the the father doesn't trust her medical opinion and wanted to see someone else. (Fortunately, I had my hubby with me because I would have been in tears at this point.) After waiting for almost 2 hours at the hospital the doctor came in and lectured him on not trusting the 4 year old's doctor. Finally, he asked if she was done so that she could examine our girl. Well after the doctor listened to her she decided to order a chest x-ray. She also noticed that she had a history with other problems. After the xray we found out that she had full on pneumonia. She was given 10 days of antibiotics.

We were told at the time to come back in two weeks. But they decided that it wasn't necessary for us to go back, but never told us. After two weeks we had to go back to our 1st doctor before we could go get a referral to the hospital again. Well, we had to change our 1st doctor, and we had to go the the kommune to do it. (Each area has a main center where they decide what daycare, and what doctor you should have. They also deal with trash, employment, and other neighborhood issues). It would take 14 days for the paperwork to go through.

We found out that there was a private hospital where you can pay $400 to be seen. We decided to go there to see if we could get more help. The doctor there told us it is very common for kids here to have RSV. They think that is normal especially if they are attending daycare. So now we are getting some blood work done to see if she has any allergies to things as well. We are worried about mold because our house has mold as well. (That is another thing that Danes think is normal to live with.)

Anyways, the weather has been below 38 degree F, and no were else to go because you don't want your child to get worse.

I hope everyone is staying warm and cozy, and keeping sick free.