Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Beginnings

Recently, we have moved back to the states. Our baby turned 2 years old. And we are settling in a new house.

It is interesting how you need to get adjusted again to the way things are in the states after being away for a while.

Here are some new things I have learned.

1. You can order on line with Papa Johns, and have your pizza delivered at a specific time.
2. Even though Target is open late, you really don't want to go when the kids are in bed.
3. You can go to any grocery store and get helium balloons. (Awesome)
5. Netflix on line is the best. There is no need for TV, or ever leaving your house for a movie.
6. Going to Costco once a week, still feels like a vacation.
7. This Halloween will be the best ever.

We are busy with dance classes, preschool, and all the other fun things to do.

Plus, I really love the Pacific Northwest in the fall.