Monday, November 30, 2009

Learning Letters

I have been worried about my 3 year old learning her letters. So I asked. Suzanne over at She was so nice and gave me some suggestions. The biggest thing was to make it into a game. She suggested using whip cream on the table, or even cherrios. Well, I decided that my 3 year old should use nail polish on paper. She loves to have her nails painted, and I have lots of nail polish sitting around. Well, I wish I would of taken pictures. She only did 3 letters, but she learned the letter "B", and she also painted it. She then wanted to write letters on paper for hours. She didn't need to paint them just write them. She now can write up to 11 letters, and she knows about 6 more than that. So I am glad to for the great advice. Thanks Suzanne

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Twilight Series

I am a big fan of the Twilight Series. I can't wait to see New Moon. Today I saw a great article on CNN. I really enjoyed the article and agreed. It basicly says that teenagers don't need a lot of sex related media to be popular. I quite agree. That is why I enjoy Stephenie Meyer as a writer. She is able to capture all the feelings of romance without all of the sex. Romance has many different aspects. Thank you for doing a good job Stephenie. I can't wait to see what other things you write.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Denmark Like and Dislike list

I have decided to ask a few of my friends who have moved from Denmark to give me a list of things they like and a list of things they dislike about Denmark. I decided to add dislikes so that you can get an idea of some of the strange things that go on here. Like small refrigerators, and having to shop 3 times a week. Also, all the stores close at 5:30 on Saturday. Or going to the store with a list of 5 things only to find 3. Lately, I have found myself staring at the shelf for something like brown rice, or a can of artichokes, or vanilla ice cream I keep staring I guess hoping those things will magically appear. I am spending like 5 minutes looking. Anyways, I am telling you this because you would never know unless I tell you, or someone shares with you their dislikes of Denmark.

I will keep the names of the people I have asked anonymous. Just know that everyone I have asked have kids, and have lived her for over 1 year.

Here is my 1st Guest.

As for your question....Five things I hated about it and five I liked? Well, I guess here goes.
1. The people were very rude and closed off, insincere, arrogant,
2. The Ward
3 The weather
4 Having to go shopping so many times a week (I hate grocery shopping) It took too long.
5 The schooling they got at the international school, Doctors

1 the architecture
2 the long lunches with friends and the friends that I made over there.
3 the travel
4 the horse back riding
5 the streets of Copenhagen

If I had to do over again. I would wait till my kids were grown and then just go with Scott I might have had a different view of it then. To visit Copenhagen I like it but to live there I don't think I would recommend it.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Good Fairy

Lately, I have been overwhelmed with kids and house work. My Honey was out of town, and I was extra overwhelmed. I started to think, "Why can't I have a Good Fairy?" Like on Cinderella. I already have my Prince Charming, but boy would I love a Good Fairy to help me out. The things a Good Fairy would do would: Clean your whole house while you were sleeping, Clean all leaves in the yard while you are sleeping, Make a delicious meal to come home to while you are running around doing town getting things done. When we were kids we had Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny. I think as an adult I need something magical to look forward to as well. I really like the idea of getting extra help, and then I started to realize that I have many Good Fairies in my life. My Honey is my Good Fairy whenever he does the dishes, makes me a cake, does laundry, or puts the kids to bed. My Mother T is a great Good Fairy. She helped out with my two girls when they were born. She makes delicious food, and cleans, and laughs. She is a lot of fun.

The other day I had taken a long train ride, and I was on my way home. An elderly man started to talk to me. As usually, I had to tell him that I speak English. He then asked if he could borrow my mobile phone. His battery died, and he was trying to call his wife. He even said he would pay me. Of course, I had him use my phone, and I would not even consider having him pay me. He called his wife, and then told me I had saved his life. He was so apprieciative. He continued to thank me as I left. That day I was that man's Good Fairy. And it felt great helping someone.

I think I spend to much time feeling sorry for myself, and I feel like my mountain of responsibilities gets bigger everyday. But I realized that others need help as much as I do. Even something small goes a long way. But if you happen to be lost in the woods and a sweet little fairy helps you get out, will you please send her my way. I would love to have her give me a visit.