Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ella's Kitchen

Here is one of my new favorite things. Ella's Kitchen It is organic baby food in a tube.
Here are some of the reason's why I like it.

1 - easy to travel wth (My 1 year old just sucks it out of the package, and she has for several months. You can also just us a spoon to squeese it on to as well.)
2 - has 12 month shelf life(that works out really great if you need to throw some in a 72 hr kit, or just leave it in your diaper bag)
3 - healthy for my kids. (the smoothies and other big kid flavors are made to be for big kids, so my 3 year old can use it too.)
4 - they taste great.

I am not sure if they sell this in the states. Only a few places sell them here in Denmark.

What are your kids eating?

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