Monday, September 7, 2009

The Proposal

I was finally able to get away from the kids for a couple of hours (thanks honey!). I went with some friends to see The Proposal. Even easy things in the US can be a challenge when you're living overseas and don't speak the languge. Like finding movie times - the best way to find movies in Copenhagen, Denmark is It is all in Danish, but you can navigate with a little time. I feel it is user friendly.

The Proposal

This is a movie about an assistant who has a witch for a boss. She is going to get deported, so she announces that she is going to marry her assistant. He goes along because he wants a promption more than anything.

They then go to Alaska for his grandmother's 90th birthday. There they announce their engagement.

I love that Betty White played the grandmother. I think she is pretty funny. There was this great scene where she is doing an Indian dance. I did enjoy Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds as the main characters.

Overall, it was a fun & light hearted movie.

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