Saturday, April 24, 2010


Lots has happened since I last blogged.

1 My beautiful step-daughter decided she wanted to come live with us in Denmark, and finish up the school year here at the Copenhagen International School.
2. The whole family had food poisoning. This was an adventure with a one bathroom house. (I suggest no one try it on purpose.) My 4 year old thinks she will never eat Chinese food again.
3. Maddy has been busy with 2 play performances, 1 fashion show, 1 school picnic, and lots of fun times with friends like sleep overs and going to Bakken.
4. Tim was in Fargo, ND for an extra 4 days due to the volcano. He took 4 flights to get back, and we were so happy to have him home.
5. My 1 year old is ready to be a 2 year old. She also loves to dance, climb, and run around.
6. My 4 year old is so big. She is coloring so well, and loves to do puzzles and ride her bike. She is also a big helper, and she is trying to teach us Danish.
6. I have been trying to cook healthier meals. I have been learning a lot about using raw honey instead of sugar, and soaking grains before cooking them. All interesting and new things.

The weather is getting nice, and May is a beautiful month in Denmark.

Hopefully things will become more normal now, and I can get back on track with blogging.

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  1. Cool that Maddy has come to live with you! That is great! So Cristina is ready to be two, huh? Does she throw tantrums and throw herself on the floor, because Soren does! Fun times. But still they're so dang cute you can't resist them. I loved the last pic of Cristina on your blog with the webcam. What a pretty little girl she is! We are leaving the last day of May and will be done with our overseas adventure. Kind of sad.